It's not just country ......   It's A Style
Country Style Dancers of Virginia © All Rights Reserved.
 We offer line dance lessons every Wednesday at Mi Hacienda located at 8250 Midlothian Turnpike Richmond VA
        7:00 PM    Beginner dance lessons
        7:30 PM     Regular dance lessons.   Teach a new dance and review the dance taught last week.
        The dances we teach and their step descriptions can be found here
Dance Floor Etiquette...
        Since line dancers and couples share the floor on Wednesday nights, it’s always good to remember the rules of the hardwood;
          Line dancers, please stay in lines, leaving the perimeter of the floor open for couples who, technically, have the right of way.  Try to maintain your own space in line, keeping your steps small when the floor is crowded.Couples, please refrain from cutting the corners when travelling and watch for line dancers who may be busy watching someone’s feet and not see you coming!  If you are dancing East Coast, West Coast, Cha-Cha or Hustle along the edge of the floor, please watch for other dancers.
        It’s just like driving––stay alert, be courteous,
        Maintain your own space safely and expect the unexpected.
Dance Request Sheet